Trump heart scare proves to be false


(AP) WASHINGTON: Reports that US President Donald Trump had suffered a severe heart scare overnight were proved false on Tuesday morning.

A source attributed to a Washington hospital had been quoted as saying that Trump was admitted at around 2am with severe palpatations.

“We can confirm that the president was not admitted to any hospital this morning, and that he is absolutely fine”, Sean Spicer, the president’s spokesman, confirmed to reporters at the White House this morning.

Although he has no severe heart problems as part of his medical history, the US president has been working hard in recent weeks and doctors have questioned whether the 70-year-old should take it easier.


Ironically, Trump took potshots at US presidential rival Hilary Clinton’s health during the pair’s acrimonious race to the White House last year.

At one stage in his campaign, Trump did complain of a severely tight chest and other symptoms, but these quickly cleared up.

The question of succession if Trump were to pass away has not been resolved, as Vice President Mike Pence is a relatively unproven political figure.

Associated Press